Membership Dues

Lions Dues

The USAFL season runs from May through October. Dues are used to help purchase equipment, e.g. jumpers, balls, water, pay for field permits etc., and provide umpires for games and the general running expenses of the club. The club also undertakes extensive fundraising and sponsorship activities to provide player subsidies and cover a portion of the general expenses of the club.

Dues for the year are $150, and includes a free training jumper. You can pay your dues via PayPal, Venmo, or cash. Please be sure to note your desired training jumper size when sending payment.



In order to qualify for the Nationals tournament at the end of the year each player is required to collect XX points. Each player earns 2 points for every game played. However, you can’t earn points for games played until you register and pay USAFL dues. Head to the USAFL site to register and pay.