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San Diego Lions vs. Orange County Bombers @ Doyle Recreation Center 8/11/18

This Saturday,  August 11th we will have a match vs the OC Bombers.  It will be an 18 a side match starting at 2PM at Doyle Rec Center.  Players should be at the field to help set up and warm up at or before 1PM. We have 2 months to prepare for the Nationals tournament in October!

All supporters are welcome as it should be a great day of football in San Diego!

When:  Saturday August 11 at 2 PM

Where:  Doyle Recreation Center – 8175 Regents Rd. San Diego CA 92122

Lions SCAFL Week 1 Match: Sun, May 7th in Riverside, CA

The SD Lions travel to Riverside, CA to take on the Riverside Saints this Sunday, May 7th for the first round of the SCAFL season. We will be carpooling up together leaving at 9:00 AM. All players should be at the grounds by 10:30am to be warmed up and ready for our game at 11:30am. All friends and family welcome to the action!

Carpool Location (map below):
Mira Mesa Park and Ride
9650 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126

Field Location (map below):
Ryan Bonaminio Park
5000 Tequesquite Ave
Riverside, CA 92506

Carpool Location Map:

Field Location Map:

Lions vs. Bombers in San Diego for Home Finale September 10, 2016

The San Diego Lions take on the Orange County Bombers in the regular season home finale on September 10, 2016.  All supporters are welcome as the Lions hope to bounce back after their last loss to Orange County.  Opening bounce is 11 AM.  Players are asked to get to the ground by 10 AM to help set up and warm up.

Location:  Black Mountain Middle School, 9353 Oviedo St, San Diego, CA 92129, United States (Map Below)

The field location is the same as most this season.  If you haven’t been to the ground before, it can be a little tricky.  You can walk up a dirt trail from Black Mountain Road, or park in the school and walk up the driveway.

After party:  Immediately following the match we will head to 9990 AleSmith Ct, San Diego, CA 92126  All are invited to join us for a beer after the match.

Field Location:

SCAFL Grand Final & Alesmith Afterparty

Come out and support the Lions at the SCAFL Grand Final on Sunday, June 12.

Teams will be facing off from all around southern California.  After the matches, everyone is welcome to come grab your favorite beers at Alesmith Brewery.  Alesmith has a large patio outside, lots of seating indoors and even a kids play area.

What:  SCAFL Grand Final

When:  Sunday, June 12.  10am until appx. 2pm

Match Schedule:

10:00:  Riverside vs OC B52s for 5th place

11:30:  SD vs OC Jets for 3rd place

1pm Grand Final:  LA Blue ‘s LA Black for 1st place

Where:  Matches will be played at Black Mountain Middle School (Map Below)

The field can be challenging to find.  Enter the field from Black Mtn Rd.  There is a footpath up the hill behind the businesses on the corner of Carmel Mtn.Rd.  If you have strollers or disabled guests coming, contact Stacy at 619 616 8879 or Brando for assistance.

After party immediately to follow at:  Alesmith Brewery

Field  Location (map below):

Black Mountain Middle School
9353 Oviedo St
San Diego, CA 92129, United States

SCAFL Round 2 in San Diego May 1, 2016

The Lions take on the Orange County Jets Sunday May 1st in San Diego in the second round of the SCAFL. The match starts at 10 a.m.  Lions players please be at the ground no later than 9 a.m. to help set up the fields and begin getting warmed up.

All friends and family welcome to the action!  The Lions will be hosting a BBQ while we watch the 2nd and 3rd matches of the day that start at 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. respectively.

Access to field parking may be available through the Black Mountain Middle School entrance. If the gate is locked, park on the east side of Black Mountain road and hike up the path to the field. See map below.

Field  Location (map below):

Black Mountain Middle School
9353 Oviedo St
San Diego, CA 92129, United States

Lions first SCAFL Match April 24 in L.A.

The Lions take on Orange County B-52s Sunday April 24 in Los Angeles in the first round of the SCAFL. We will be carpooling up together leaving at 8:45 AM.

The Lions have field, goal, and boundary umpiring duties for the 11am game. All players should be at the ground by 10:30am so we can organize who from the Lions will run boundaries and goal umpire the 11am game. We’ll need 2 goal umpires 4 guys running boundaries so everybody’s fresh for our game.

Carpool Location (map below):

Park and Ride Del Mar
12791 Sorrento Valley Rd,
San Diego, CA 92121

Field Location:
1221 N. Figueroa Pl
Wilmington, CA 90744

Carpool Location Map: