About the Lions

How serious are we?

The Lions are a social club first.  That said, we enjoy our tradition of success on the field.  By joining the Lions there is potential to reach the highest levels of Footy in the U.S.

Ever wanted to represent your country in a sport? The Lions have sent multiple players to play for the U.S.A. Revolution, the Men’s Australian Football National Team over the past 15 years in Australia.  The next International Cup is in 2017, and you could be next!


The Lions keep it social

Sports not your thing, but you love a good party and want to meet some great people? The Lions are looking for social members, and we have a strong social calendar for this year with events like Australia Day, Pie Day, a Crawfish Boil, the Flip Flop Formal, and the AFL Grand Final Night. Check out our upcoming social events and get around the lions!


How did it all start?

The San Diego Lions are an United States Australian Football League team founded in 1997 and are based in San Diego, California.  The Lions have won USAFL Division 1 premierships in 2001 and 2006 and a Division 4 premiership in 2015


What is footy?

If you are not familiar with Australian Football, it is a high energy, fast paced, contact sport, requiring many attributes and physical components of a number of American sports. Having said this, it is quite unlike any other sport in the world.