2 Rounds of Co-Ed Footy Remain

Round 1 of Co-Ed Footy was a huge success with over 40 players participating in the footy and the Netball Clinic!

2 rounds remain!

When: March 5, 2016 at 11 AM
Location: Doyle Elementary School: 3950 Berino Ct. San Diego CA 92122 (Please note this is the field behind the elementary school not the field at Doyle Community Park.) Map Below.
What do I need?: We’ll supply all the gear all you need to do is come dressed to play in shorts and shoes (cleats if you have them, they are not necessary).

What is Co-Ed Footy?
Imagine soccer, volleyball and basketball rolled into one cool game where everyone gets to be the quarterback at the same time. Another way to think about it is that Ausball is like Ultimate Frisbee, with a few twists. The ball is passed quickly from player to player by either handpassing or kicking. There is no turnover rule, so the ball is almost always “live” resulting in a fast, free flowing game where everyone is involved. Scoring is usually frequent, so games are not only fun to play, but fast and exciting to watch!

The rules are simple and easy to learn (it will take about 10 minutes) and NO EXPERIENCE is required. In fact, we encourage newbies as the game is designed for complete novices!

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